Jaipur Development Authority has started following online citizen services

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  • Issue Free Hold Patta in lieu of already issued Patta (Lease Deed).
  • Lease Deed (Patta).
  • Name Transfer / Name Substitution of Property.
  • One Time Lease Certificate (OTLC).
  • Sub Devision and Reconstitution.
  • Convert Lease Deed to Freehold Patta.


  1. Applicant will have to register by filling an online registration form available at JDA official website (
  2. After successful registration, applicant will be able to apply for these services online.
  3. Applicant would be required to fix appointment with counsellor from the available slot (Date & Time) of his choice and visit JDA office personally to get the uploaded documents compared with the original documents.
  4. On the scheduled date and time the counsellor will match the documents with the originals as uploaded by applicant and will mark each document Accepted or Not-Accepted. If the application is found correct in all respect the councillor will forward the application online to respective section otherwise he will mark it as pending with appropriate remarks.
  5. Applicant would be able to track the status of his application online through his Login Dashboard.
  6. JDA may post any Query/Demand from time to time which will be available on applicant’s dashboard. Applicant will have to provide required details/documents etc., against Query/Demand on the portal itself within 7 days.
  7. If any demand is raised by JDA the payment may be made through Net Banking, NEFT/RTGS, Cash/DD. If the payment is made through Cash/DD, the challan will have to be uploaded and if the payment is made online the detail of UTR/Instrument number will have to be provided through dashboard itself.
  8. On disposal of case the document issued will be made available on the dashboard and the original document will be sent on the address of the applicant through post.
  9. The information of disposal of case or any Query / Demand generated by JDA will be informed through SMS and eMail.


#SubjectOffice Order No.DateView
1 लीजहोल्ड लीजडीड (पट्टा) के एवज मे पट्टा विलेख (फ्री-होल्ड) जारी करने हेतु ऑनलाइन आवेदन प्रक्रिया के कार्यालय आदेश D-28115/12/2021View
2 लीजहोल्ड से फ्री होल्ड पट्टा जारी करने हेतु अभ्यर्पण (Affidavit to Surrender Rights) के आदेश D-24712/11/2021View
3 सजरा के स्थान पर शपथ पत्र लिए जाने हेतु आदेश D-14708/07/2021View
4 Office order for Online Services for NameTransfer/ Substitution and OTLC D-3924/02/2021View
5 Office order for start of Online Services for Subdivision / Reconstitutiion D-19805/06/2020View
6 प्राधिकृत प्रतिनिधि संबन्धित कार्यालय आदेश D-10029/05/2020View
7 क्षतिपूर्ति बंधपत्र से संबन्धित कार्यालय आदेशD-10019/02/2020View
8 Registered Power of Attorney can apply for NameTransfer/Lease Deed.D-67117/12/2019View
9 Guidelines to execute work of Co-Operative cell.D-66916/12/2019View
10 Applicant can provide Affidavit of SajraD-65309/12/2019View
11 Document required for online Lease Deed (Patta) ApplicationsD-62727/11/2019View
12 Document required for Online NameTransfer/ Substitution and OTLC (OneTime Lease Certificate)D-48030/08/2019View
13 Instruction for Re-Open of Auto closure Case of Online ServicesD-24131/07/2019View
14 Office order for process of Online Services for Name Transfer, Name Substitution and OTLCD-10119/02/2019View
15 Office order for start of Online Services for Name Transfer, Name Substitution and OTLCD-10019/02/2019View
16 Guideline for Applicant not response.D-48501/12/2016View
17Guideline for Applicant Registration and Applicatioin for Service(s)F-14(9)20/06/2016View