1. User who has Login Account on JDA portal under "Single Sign On (SSO)" can Sign in and get activate the services of making Payment.
  2. User not having account on JDA portal under "Single Sign On (SSO)" will have to first register himself and create a Login Account.
  3. The registered users on SSO will be able to make payment against the Demand Generated by JDA or can make Self-Assessed payment.



Payment Options

  1. Online through Payment Gateway (Net Banking / Debit Card / Credit Card/Etc.)
  2. Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) through NEFT/RTGS
    • Select payment mode EFT and get EFT Paying Slip for NEFT/RTGS.
    • Deposit the mentioned amount in the bank account number and IFSC code mentioned in the Paying Slip.
    • Please Note :
      • Do not round off the transfer amount even for the second decimal.
      • Do not initiate multiple NEFT/RTGS by breaking the amount in more than one part. Such EFTs will be treated as invalid transactions and required service will not be delivered.
      • The NEFT/RTGS should be initiated from the sender’s bank account as any refund/reversal will be credited in the same bank account.
      • It will be the responsibility of sender to ensure that the bank account is enabled for incoming NEFT/RTGS.
      • Customer of ICICI bank will not be able to transfer amount through this mode.
      • The transaction will be considered valid only when it is Credited/Deposited in the JDA account after which confirmation receipt will be generated. Normally it takes 3-4 hours to complete the transaction from bank account to JDA account as the transaction is routed through RBI Inter Bank transactions.
      • If there is any mismatch in the Bank Account Number OR Amount OR validity period (if any) mentioned in the Paying Slip, the amount will automatically returned through automated process to your Bank Account.
      • JDA will not be responsible in case the amount is not credited in JDA account due to error made by applicant in making online payment.
  3. Cash / Demand Draft / Pay Order / Cheque through ICICI Bank
    • Select payment mode Cash / DD / Local Cheque.
    • Fill details like Instrument Number, Date, Name of Depositor etc.
    • You will get Challan in 4 (Four) parts (Copy for Bank, Customer Copy, RCR Cell and Concerned section).
    • Deposit the amount through this Challan in any ICICI Bank branch of Jaipur.
    • Get the receipt from bank and submit the copy of Challan to Concerned Section.