A. Booking Process and Terms & Conditions:

  1. The Community Centers may be booked to any person or organization for the purpose of marriage/holding social and cultural functions.
  2. These Community Centers may be booked only online through official website of JDA www.jda.urban.rajasthan.gov.in and www.urban.rajasthan.gov.in.
  3. The Community Centers may be booked for maximum 3 days at a time.
  4. The Community Centers are available for booking for one year from the date of booking.
  5. The applicant has to check the availability of desired community center and then proceed to on the official websites mentioned above.
  6. Enter desired information and then make payment online as per available options. The booking will be valid only when online transaction is successful.
  7. On successful depositing of amount online, the booking confirmation slip will be generated along with booking ID.
  8. GST invoice shall be generated after confirmation.

B. Booking for JDA employees:

  1. The tariff of booking of community centers for JDA official is on discounted rate. 75% rebate on 1st day tariff will be given to JDA employees for the consecutive days the discount will be calculated on discounted one-day tariff.
  2. The promo code will be generated by nodal officer (Community Center), on written request of official. The employee gets the promo code through SMS which will be valid for 15 days only. To get the benefit of discounted tariff the employee will submit his detail along with promo code through SSO Id of GoR portal registered as citizen.
  3. This rebate/discounted tariff will not be applicable on Jhalana Doongri community center. Rebate is also not allowed on booking of condolence purpose.

C. Free Booking or Booking on nominal tariff:

  1. The Community Centers are made available for special occasion as decided by the administration with zero tariff or on nominal tariff. The rights in this regards rests with JDA.
  2. The user access may be provided to OIC(CCC) for free booking or on nominal tariff on the basis of competent approval of JDC.

D. Booking Charges:

  • a. Tariff of Community Center(s) For General Purpose Booking

    #Community CenterZone1st Day Tariff
    (Rs.) *
    Rebate on Consecutive Booking for 2nd dayRebate on Consecutive Booking for 3rd day
    1Malviya Nagar BlocK-B120,000.0015% of 1st Day Tariff30% of 1st Day Tariff
    2Malviya Nagar BlocK-D
    3Vidhyadhar Nagar Sector-62
    4Vidhyadhar Nagar Sector-4
    5Vidhyadhar Nagar Sector-2
    6Triveni Nagar5
    7Swej Farm
    8Vaishali Nagar7
    9Bajaj Nagar110,000.00
    10Vidhyadhar Nagar Sector-12
    11Vidhyadhar Nagar Sector-8
    12Patrakar Colony8
    13Jhalana Doongri Phase-III12,100.00NilNil
    * GST extra as applicable and will be charged at the time of booking confirmation.
  • b. Change in Tariff:

    In the beginning of every financial year one-day tariff will increase by 10% or as decided by JDA. The applicant will be liable to pay the difference amount (if any) in case the changes are revised.
  • c. Tariff of Community Center (s) on booking for condolence purpose:

    80% rebate on first day tariff will be given on booking for condolence purpose. Only one-day booking (full day) is allowed for this purpose, no further discount will be applicable for JDA employees. This rebate will not be applicable for Jhalana Doongri Community Center.
  • d. Tariff calculation example:

    Tariff Calculation Example considering 1 day tariff Rs. 10,000.00:
    Case-1 - General Booking for 1 day: Tariff = Rs. 10,000.00
    Case-2 - General Booking for 2 days: Total Tariff = Rs. 18,500.00 [Rs. 10,000.00 + Rs. 8,500.00 (after 15% rebate)]
    Case-3 - General Booking for 3 days: Total Tariff = Rs. 25,500.00 [Rs. 10,000.00 + Rs. 8,500.00 (after 15% rebate) + Rs. 7,000.00 (after 30% rebate)]
    Case-4 - Booking by JDA Employee: Rs. 2,500.00 [75% discount on 1st day tariff]. For the consecutive days the tariff will be charged on discounted 1-day tariff where appliable.
    Case-5 - Booking for condolence purpose: Rs. 2,000.00 [80% discount on 1st day tariff] where applicable.
  • e. Security Deposit

    1. Equivalent to Total Tariff for general purpose booking.
    2. Equivalent to Total Tariff for Condolence Purpose booking.
    3. Equivalent to Total Tariff for booking by JDA employees.


E. Cancellation Process:

  • a. To cancel the booking, the applicant will have to submit request for cancellation online.
  • b. On confirmation the booking will be canceled and a cancellation letter will be generated.
  • c. The refundable amount will be credited to the registered Bank Account number through RTGS/NEFT in 7 working days from date of cancellation. In case of cancellation a credit note shell be issue against the invoice already generated and a new GST invoice shall be generated against cancellation charges.
  • d. The booking done for condolence purpose will not be allowed to be cancelled.

F. Cancellation Charges

  • a. Request of Cancellation by Applicant:

    The cancellation charges against cancellation shall be as mentioned below:
    S.No.Cancellation EventAmount to be Deducted from Total Tariff
    1Before 10 days or more of Booked Start Date25%
    2Before 3 To 9 days of Booked Start Date50%
    3Before 1 To 2 days of Booked Start Date75%
    4Before 24 Hours of Booked Start Date100%
  • b. Cancellation by JDA:

    If the Community Center is required for Election purpose, Natural Calamities relief work or for any Government use, Jaipur development Authority reserves right to cancel the booking at any point of time. In such case it will be informed by JDA and 100% payment (without online payment transaction charges if any) will be refunded through RTGS/NEFT to applicant’s bank account.

G. Refund Process:

  • a. After the date of event, JDA will verify the units of electricity consumed as reported by the Nodal Officer of community center.
  • b. The Nodal Officer of the respective community center will be responsible for recommendation of deductions from the security deposit taking consideration of:
    1. Actual consumption of electricity as per prevailing rates
    2. Actual repair cost in case of damage
    3. Surrounding campus cleaning prevailing charges of Jaipur Nagar Nigam
    4. 4) Actual cost of campus cleaning if left uncleaned etc.
  • c. The security amount after adjustment (if any as mentioned above) will be transferred to the applicant’s Bank Account online through Online/RTGS/NEFT.
  • d. RCR Cell will be authorized to refund the balance security deposit on the basis refund note generated by OIC (CCC).

H. Responsibility of JDA officers:

  • a. Director Engineering (II), JDA will ensure proper maintenance of all community centers and get them repaired as per requirement.
  • b. OIC (Citizen Care Center) will be the overall Nodal Officer for online booking of community centers.
  • c. Nodal Officer will maintain online records of overall Bookings, Cancellations, Adjustments, Refunds etc.
  • d. In the first week of every month Nodal Officer will generate monthly GST Schedule and will send to Accounts Section dealing in GST for uploading on GST portal.
  • e. Executive Engineer of respective Zone will be responsible for maintenance operation and facilities of the community center of that zone. One Junior Engineer should be declared as Nodal Officer of the respective community center by the concerned Executive Engineer. The details of the JEN i.e Name, Designation, Mobile No., etc. will be communicated to OIC(CCC) and System Analyst on regular basis and should also be displayed on portal.

I. Responsibility of Applicant:

  • a. The applicant will be completely responsible for the safety of his belongings and valuables.
  • b. Consumption of alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited inside and within the premises of the community center.
  • c. The Applicant or representative will not be allowed to tamper with the electricity / water connections or any another furnishings and fittings in any manner what so ever.