Authority Members
(1) The Authority shall consist of the following members, namely
(i)a Chairman, who shall be the Minister-in-charge of Urban Development of the State of Rajasthan or a nominee of the Governor during President's Rule;
(ii)a Vice-Chairman, who shall be State Minister of Urban Development of the State of Rajasthan, or a nominee of the Governor during President’s Rules;
(iii)Secretary to the Government, Urban Development and Housing Department;
(iv)Jaipur Development Commissioner (appointed under this Act);
(v)Chairman, Rajasthan Housing Board;
(vi)Chief Engineer, Public Health Engineering Department;
(vii)Chief Engineer, Public Works Department;
(viii)District Collector Jaipur;
(ix)Chief Engineer, Rajasthan State Electricity Board;
(x)Chairman/Administrator, Municipal Council, Jaipur;
(xi)Zila Pramukh of Zila Parishad, Jaipur District;
(xii)Chief Town Planner Rajasthan; and
(xiii)Non-official members, not exceeding seven to be nominated by the State Government.
(2) Besides the Members referred to in sub-section (1) the State Government, if it so thinks fit. May also appoint the Chairman of any Functional Board as member of the Authority.
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