Tender Participation
Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has declared Procuring Entities under Rajasthan State Public Procurement (RTPP) Act at various levels who publish tenders for executing civil work, hiring different type of services and procurement of items.
The Tender details are made available on JDA website http://jda.urban.rajasthan.gov.in, Rajasthan State Public Procurement Portal http://www.sppp.rajasthan.gov.in and in case of online tender on eProcurementPortalof Government of Rajasthan http://www.eproc.rajasthan.gov.in .
JDA has decided to receive Tender Fee, Security Money and RISLProcessing Fee as applicable only through online mechanism.No physical payment such as DD, Bankers Cheque, F.D, Bank Guarantee etc., will be accepted in the tender floated from 01/06/2015 onwards.
The Online Payment can be made through Internet Banking, Debit Card, Credit Card as available with our online payment gateway service provider or through RTGS/NEFT.The Payment will be verified by the Nodal Officer from accounts section of JDA.
The NIB will be opened only of those bidder who’s all the required amount as prescribed in the NIB document is received through online mode as mentioned above. The EMD amount will be returned as per rules through online mechanism (NEFT/RTGS) in the bank account which will be provided by the bidder himself during making the online payment. 
Remaining process will be as per the prevailing practice.
  • No fixed time constraint for depositing Tender Fee, Security Money and RISL Processing Fee (in case on online tender).
  • Flexible time limits.
  • No geographical limitations.
  • Encouragesmore bidder participation.

This is applicable for any bid costing more than Rs. 10.00 Lakh. In other words bid cost upto Rs. 10.00 only will be in offline mode.

1. Access Jaipur Development Authority official website http://jda.urban.rajasthan.gov.in
2. Click on e-Services and Create user Login with a valid e-mail ID to register yourself for various Online Services of JDA.
3. To validate your e-mail account a mail will be sent with a security code.
4. Enter the security code on first time login.
5. Select the service you want to register for and make payment as per plan(s) available. The prevailing plan for getting registered for tendering process of JDA is Rs. 500.00 with the validity period of 3 Years.
6. Upload KYC (Know Your Client) documents as mentioned below: Copy of PAN Card,one photo ID, Copy of enlistment as contractor along with authorization. If contractor registered in JDA than contractor also to submit the registration certificate.
7. Upload required documents for KYC (Know Your Client) compliance as per the type of entity as mentioned below:
Type of Entity KYC Compliance required List of valid KYC Documents (To be uploaded at least one of listed below document for proof of each compliance)
  • Name
  • Address Proof
(i) Passport (ii) PAN Card (iii) Voter’s Identity Card (iv) Driving License (v) Identity Card (vi) Utility Bill like telephone, electricity (vii) Bank account statement /Pass Book (viii) Ration Card (v) Latest Rent / Leave & license agreement.
  • Name of the Company, Principal place of business
  • Address of the company
  • Identity of signatories
(i) Certificate of incorporation and Memorandum & Articles of Association (ii) Resolution of the Board of Directors to open an account and identification of those who have authority to operate the account (iii) Power of Attorney granted to its managers, officers or employees to transact business on its behalf (iv) PAN card or copy of PAN allotment letter (v) Any other officially valid document establishing proof of existence and address of the entity (vi) Any officially valid document to identify the signatories (vii) Certificate of Commencement of Business.
  • Legal name and address
  • Identity of all partners and their addresses
  • Identity of signatories
(i) Registration certificate, if registered (ii) Partnership Deed (iii) Power of Attorney granted to a partner or an employee of the firm to transact business on its behalf (iv) Any officially valid document identifying the partners and the persons holding the Power of Attorney and their addresses (v) Proof of existence & proof of address of the firm.
  • Identity of trustees, settlers, beneficiaries & signatories
  • Identity and addresses of the founder, the managers / Directors and the beneficiaries
  • Identity of signatories
(i) Certificate of registration, if registered (ii) Trust Deed (iii) Power of Attorney granted to transact business on its behalf (iv) Any officially valid document to identify the trustees, settlers, beneficiaries and those holding Power of Attorney, founders/ managers/ directors and their addresses. (v) Resolution of the managing body of the foundation/ association (vi) Any officially valid document establishing the proof of existence and proof of address of the entity to the satisfaction of the Company.

Beside of above, Bank Passbook / Cheque consisting of Bank Account, IFSC Code is mandatory to be uploaded. In order to refund the bid security of unsuccessful bidder properly.

8. After receiving the payment successfully and approving KYC documents the bidder will be authenticated by JDA for taking part in Tender.
1. Login to Single Sign On (SSO) of Jaipur Development Authority.
2. Click on <proceed for application> against eTender.
3. Click on <apply> button against the tender you want to participate.
4. Make online payment of required amount.
Yes, the amount is only to be deposited online by bidder.
The payment can also be deposited through EFT (RTGS/NEFT).

The bid security options available in tender for participants which may vary tender to tender are as mentioned below:

  • A. Payment Option:
    • Option-1: Bank Guarantee (BG) against EMD / Bid Security 

      Bidder may opt Bank Guarantee (BG) against EMD (Bid Security), for which bidder requires to prepare BG before applying in the tender. The details of BG requires to be fed on JDA portal before paying balance amount (Tender Fee + RISL Processing Fee). This amount will be paid through Payment Gateway only, option to make balance payment through EFT (RTGS/NEFT) will not be available.

      If bidder does not opt for BG against EMD, options of making complete payment through Payment Gateway or through EFT (NEFT / RTGS) will be available.

    • Option-2: Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT: NEFT/RTGS) 

      If the bidder selects payment mode as EFT (NEFT/RTGS), “Paying Slip for EFT (NEFT/RTGS)” will be generated by the system for the complete amount. The payment can be made from any Bank any Branch using this Paying Slip through NEFT/RTGS (Claim against payment made through EFT in any other JDA bank account will not be acceptable and bidder stands disqualified from participation in the bid applied for). After successful transaction through NEFT/RTGS, as per the standard procedures it may take 4 to 24 hours in process of confirmation of EFT through Auto-Process depending on the time of EFT done. Therefore, option to make payment through EFT (NEFT/RTGS) will be available till 48 hours prior to closing date of bid participation.

    • Option-3: Payment Gateway (Aggregator) 

      The facility to make payment through Debit Card, Credit Card, Net banking etc., will be available. User can use this facility from anywhere any time till the closing date & time of bid participation.

  • B. Bid Participation Receipt

    After confirming payment, the bidder will get Bid Participation Receipt on the basis of which user will get the payment details along with other details for bidding on e-Procurement portal of GOR.

    • In case of BG as the remaining payment will be done through Payment Gateway, on successful transaction the “Bid Participation Receipt” will be generated on real time basis.
    • In case complete payment is done through Payment Gateway, on successful transaction the “Bid Participation Receipt” will be generated on real time basis.
    • In case complete payment is done through EFT (NEFT/RTGS), on confirmation of payment from ICICI Bank (Auto Process) “Bid Participation Receipt” will be available on Login of Bidder on JDA portal.

The bidder who makes direct payment without “Paying Slip for EFT (NEFT/RTGS)” in JDA’s bank account will be treated as disqualified for the Bid.

The payment mechanism has been changed w.e.f. 15-10-2016.
The Payment can be made from any Bank any Branch using the "Paying Slip for EFT (NEFT/RTGS)" generated by the system. 
Claim against payment made through EFT in any other JDA bank account will not be acceptable and bidder stands disqualified from participation in the bid applied for.
Yes, the amount is to be deposited by bidder online only, not by other means.
Logon to http://jda.urban.rajasthan.gov.in and then click on Tab e-Services >>JDA Tenderto see the list of tenders available.
The Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of the unsuccessful bidder will be transferred through NEFT/RTGS to the bank account details provided by the bidder during making online payment. It is therefore requested to carefully fill the refund account details like Name of Account Holder, Account Number and IFSC code.JDA shall not be responsible if incorrect / incomplete Bank details are furnished by the bidder in any manner.
Generally EMD will be refunded within three working days from the opening of financial bid.
The customer has to produce a certificate issued by bank for change of bank details. The refund will be remitted in your account through EFT (NEFT/RTGS).
In case the validity period of bidder is expired then the validity will be renewed from the date of receipt of registration fee, if the validity period of bidder is not expired then number of days as per the plan opted will be added to his prevailing plan.
It is not possible. The identity of the customers bidding is hidden.
No, after registration for the first time, you are automatically registered for each subsequent Tender till your registration is valid.
You are recommended to use Internet explorer version 6/8/9/10/11, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome. It may not work on IE Mozilla/5.0, iPad(non supported browser).
If you are facing any problems regarding the JDA Online Services you can call us on the numbers given in <contacts> tab of the home page and we will help you at the earliest.

Absolutely secured.

Drop a mail to jda@rajasthan.gov.in. You may also call us on the numbers given in <contacts> tab of the JDA login home page and you will receive a response immediately
Amount deposited against EMD will be refunded.
To participate in more than one tender all the requisite fee and EMD will be have to be paid separately for each tender.
Yes. You can see the all the tenders available on the home page of Tender portal.
Other than JDA registered contractor requires to deposit 2% bid security and JDA registered contractor have to deposit 0.5 % of the bid cost (Tender Cost)